About Us

Studios & Space was created in 2014 to bring together affordable studio rental and event space hire locations across Sheffield. 

There are masses of ex-industrial spaces in Sheffield which are being utilised to give birth to new industries and new developments. Sheffield has the highest number of studios outside of London and it has also has a real demand for space and studios from the creative people of the city.

Renting studios and hiring space can be an onerous process. Landlords may be keen to tie tenants down with lengthy contracts and there’s often a serious amount of red tape to get through. We know that when you have an idea you want to pursue your need to get started right away. This site aims to streamline and simplify the process so you can immediately find the space or studio that’s right for you.

Because we know that affordability is crucial to getting your idea off the ground, many of the studios on this site offer a free period to get you started.